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Brighten Up in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Come to Bocas del Toro, Panama for a weeklong retreat full of yoga, adventure, food, and relaxation with enough time and space for your imagination to be nurtured so it can feel free to roam wherever your heart desires.

Imagine yourself setting out on a new adventure with the support of a friendly tribe around you. They are going on the same journey of discovery, rejuvenation, and pure joy. They are just as excited as you are to explore this biological fantasy world. You begin each day waking up slowly to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean that drift you out into a hammock where you meditate quietly. The gentle sway of the breeze brings you to peace as you gaze out at the vibrant blue skies, rich green palm tress, and the crystal clear waters. You have the space to breathe and relax fully into your surroundings that are seemingly there just for you as if they were a dream. 

The Delights

Begin your journey meeting new friends around the table as an invocation to a weeklong expedition that will in some moments go as fast as blink of an eye and others last a lifetime. Every day will begin with a yoga practice that will take you deeper into your body and more open to the day that lies ahead.

We will alternate our days between setting out on adventures and allowing ourselves time to reflect and restore.

On our first day of adventure, we will travel by boat through the jungle on the Bahia Honda River and then go by foot through a bat cave where we will be guided to go deep in to to discover a watering hole. We will get a bit out of our comfort zone to learn how to play even in the darkness. (don’t worry though, headlamps will be provided)

Then, spend an afternoon with a healer for a Quantum Energy Healing Session or massage to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

The next day, we will go for a hike up the hill to an organic chocolate farm. We will let our endorphins soar as we sample the delicious treats, roam the grounds, and make new friends with creatures of the jungle.

Continue your relaxation another day as you cat nap in a hammock or snuggle on a day bed with you partner or rest on a lounger while you reflect and journal about your experiences.

On our final day of adventures, we will take another boat ride, this time to the Island of Solarte at night, to witness the blue green lights of the water plankton that creates a light show like no other! We will swim in the glowing waters.  You’ll be glowing as brightly as the waters from this truly special experience

Our final evening together, we will gather around the table with our new family and share our favorite memories you will keep with you for many years to come. The friendships cultivated during this special time together will last forever.


You will take the journey back home with a greater sense of connection to your core being that will illuminate within you and outwardly into your life. You will forever have the fond memories to look back upon from this time of rejuvenation as a result of all the new experiences and friendships that you created. 


For rates and to register visit nOMad always at OM. 


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