Being Uncomfortable

I am in a huge shift right now and it feels uncomfortable. I am letting many things go from my life that have given an illusion of stability; a physical home, a regular schedule of teaching in a studio which I have done in some way for almost twenty years, along with other smaller things that come with all of this. I am very well aware it is self induced void that I am feeling now but something has been calling me to do this for some time now....

I feel like I’m in the best place possible to take this leap since six years ago when life imposed a change. It is still hard though. •

Today I taught my last class and wrapped up a few emotional things for myself. I felt empty and a bit sorry for myself. •

On my drive back I asked the universe to give me some little sign that all this is for something better.

Then, I walked in and collapsed on the couch, asked myself if I want to cry or mindlessly look at social media to quiet the chatter for a moment. I did the latter. Just within the first scroll, I found a post from a dear friend of her beach day today in West Haven, CT and she mentioned she was near Jimmies. •

This was the same town my dad lived. He brought me to Jimmies the day we reunited after 18 years on Father’s Day and he tried in his best way to explain why he disappeared. He loved that beach so much and brought me there on the following Father’s Day with his best friends.

This picture is of me, Father’s Day when we released his ashes just a few short years after our reunion. •

So I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost but I know the universe has my back and dad is still somehow playing a role in the background to make sure his little girl is safe when she takes the leap. Thanks Dad.