This Magical Life

Summer Solstice and Father's Day don't always fall on top of one another. It was not an accident that I randomly got inspired to organize a community event on this very day for my new company, nOMad.


The last time the two holidays shared the day was June 21, 2009. It was a day that changed my life. 


After 17 years of my father's disappearance, he called me on that very Father's Day. He called to tell me he was alive. He was sober. He was healthy. He was ready to be my dad again. 


About two months earlier before he had called on that day, I was feeling extremely lost. I was questioning who I was, where I came from, did I carry the same patterns of mental illness that he did, was I making healthy choices in the present despite what I carried from the past, and where was all that going to take me into my future. I didn't have a clue to any of these answers and felt the key was to reconnect with my dad again. And then, like magic, he reappeared with that very key to my life and so much more. 


We had 4 years of reconnection, good times, laughter, love, and healing. I felt better about where I came from, the person I was made from and where I was headed down my path. 


When my dad died in 2013, my life began to deconstruct before my very eyes and again I felt lost. As things were shedding away though it began to reveal more of a magical life. I saw signs from beyond that my dad was guiding me on this journey. They were strong and powerful that first year. My dad had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh, so often there were signs he was there at the most ridiculous moments too. It became a joke with my close friends when something absurd would happen we would laugh together and say, "Thanks Jay!" Somewhere after a year and half they stopped, or at least I stopped noticing them. Maybe I didn't need to search for them so much to keep me going, or perhaps he knew I was going to be ok and moved on to his next life. I stopped asking my dad for help and went back to asking the universe for guidance. 


This spring I started asking the universe what my next steps would be professionally for myself and for nOMad. Then this opportunity came to me to bring together the Hudson Valley community for the Summer Solstice. I was basically told by a studio owner at a meeting to do it and it just felt right. Within a week, I had three locations and emails out to area studios with 12 positive responses that signed on over 20 volunteers to teach and help coordinate. It all came together so fast, like magic, that I didn't even have a chance to realize the significance of the date and the shared holiday.


As the word got out many people said "It's Father's Day" as if that were a negative thing to keep people away from the event. 


Personally, I am happy it is falling on Father's Day. It was a holiday I was not able to celebrate for so many years, then it was a holiday I celebrated with such joy to have my dad back in my life, and then just like that he was gone again. I released his ashes at his favorite beach on Father's Day 2013. I can't even tell what I did last year while I lived in Costa Rica, perhaps I ignored it completely. This year I get to celebrate it again with my entire Hudson Valley yoga family. 


I absolutely know this day is going to be magical.
Thanks Jay!