Making Connections

I have been getting endless signs to continue on with telling my story. A lot of my story is about overcoming obstacles but the underlying tone throughout is about the desire for connection. I, along with everyone who walks on this Earth whether they admit it or not, desire the feeling of connection and unconditional love. I am grateful to say I am starting to be immersed in this beautiful world the more I dive in and explore my authentic self.

My whole life I have been a connector. As a child I would have sleepover parties with girls from different cliques as some sort of unconscious social experiment.  We would all bond over boys and periods and the next week giggle at the inside jokes as we passed each other in the hallways.  I loved seeing mismatched friends come together from those times I had orchestrated.

As an adult I still find myself bringing people together socially and professionally. Recently I hosted a retreat in Mexico where I met up with another fellow teacher, Melissa. We actually met on Instagram and she is now a nOMad teacher. During the retreat she also met the attendees including my Mom, Gramma, and fellow students from New York who were reconnecting from my first retreat in Costa Rica. Now it touches my heart when I see them all interact on Facebook with comments and “likes” on each other's posts. My Gramma even takes Melissa’s class at my Online Studio regularly now. 
The connections grow stronger with every interaction.
Connecting others seems to be a strength of mine and gives me purpose. Most people who know me might not know this, I am somewhat of an introvert and shy. Being able to connect people to one another is my way of connecting to them and through them when I am too nervous to put myself out there directly. The platform I have created through nOMad has become a place for me to do my life’s work; bringing together other like minded souls.

I am fortunate enough to be meeting teachers who are living out the same vision in their own unique ways and to be able to give them the opportunity to let their voices be heard through nOMad. And what excites me even more is to see how a community is gravitating to it; teachers, students, travelers, and wanderers of life. All of them are in the search for something greater than themselves and know that going within is the best place to start. They know that taking care of their bodies, minds, and lives are the keys to fully participating in this collective life.

I have done a heroic amount of work these past two years to go deeper into a world of love and connection. I always wanted to believe in it but was too afraid to really search it out after years of abandonment and the fear of rejection in the moving forward. But through my work, now I know it’s worth the risk. You have to put yourself out there and say “I want to feel connected and loved!” You have to shout it out on the rooftops and be prepared for the silence but trust that it is only temporary because the louder and longer you shout it out, others will eventually stop and pause. They will hear your voice and say, “I want that too.” And over time they see your courage and resilience and will begin to make their own steps on the path of love and connection.
That is what nOMad is for me. A place where I, along with other tribe members, can hold a space and say “We are here to connect you to your inner light and others! Come join us! It is safe and rewarding. We promise!”

I hope you can connect with me there.