Waking from a nightmare, I dream to give birth to a beautiful new life

"When something bad happens you have three choices; you can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let strengthen you." -unknown


A year ago today, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After 2013 brought me a year of loss; my dad, a husband, a life we built together, my dog, my dream home, my health, I decided to visit my best friend from childhood, Gabby, for some much needed healing and love. On my flight there I had a vision. It was something I had been beginning to dream up for the few months prior but never had a moment to really sit with it amongst all the sorrow and stress that I was stuck in. My dream was to bring together my teaching and my desire to travel. 


Something I have always known about myself was I never take the conventional roads, even on the unconventional paths. As a yoga teacher (being unconventional) there are rather simple ways to travel within the profession. My vision somehow kept hitting dead ends if I chose to take those more conventional paths. So I gave birth to a dream of my own travel/yoga website baby, nOMad. When I arrived to Gabby's I told her my plan and she encouraged me to buy the domain. Best $13 I ever spent!! 


The rest of my trip I had several very mystical interactions with people; a healer, a long lost acquaintance soon to turn good friend, and an eccentric artist I met over a glass of wine. Each one gave me a sign that this was my way out of the darkness. The eccentric artist was an older man that resembled my dad. He showed me his art of hindu gods and he talked to me about obstacles vs. struggles. He told me if we see things as a struggle we will never be free of them, they can not be removed. However, obstacles we have many ways of getting around them, above them, through them, or remove them completely to be free of them. His last words he shouted out to me as I walked away on Espagnola Way were, "I will be your parachute!!! If you jump I will catch you!" Without sounding completely insane, I truly believe that was my dad speaking to me that night. 


So I decided to jump. It's been a year of preparation and lots of leaps but now I am jumping with full force! I will be launching my website into the world on October 28th (I am telling you all now, so I will be held accountable!! ha!) This day is significant because it would have been my dad's 69th birthday and it will be the anniversary of when I hit my emotional rock bottom and asked my dad to please help me get through the next year. From that moment everything began to shift. The next day, I walked into my job and gave my notice. Two months later, I landed my feet in Costa Rica where after a month of being there, I fell deeply in love with someone who encouraged me to follow the path when times felt rough again. And now, less than a year later, I found my way back to Beacon healthier and happier than I have been in years partly because of the love and support of my friends here. 


I could have very easily chosen to let the obstacles of 2013 or any other times of my life destroy me or define me but instead I let them heal and strengthen me so that I could become the warrior that I am today.

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